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About The North Section

The North Section Terrace Menswear was founded in 2013. Since then, the brand has developed in a range of ways and become more focused on football as time goes on due to the owners love for the beautiful game. 

We are delighted to have built some great relationships during that time. None less than the one we have with Daniel Griffin who caught our eye as we saw his fantastic prints being shared on social media. We now list prints from D Griffin Art on our website which has helped us grow the range of stock available for our customers. 

We also have great relationship with Kieran Carroll, a digital illustrator who we have commisioned to design our own product ideas recently. None less than the Ralph Milne design for the Dundee United fans who have shown us great support since foundation. 

North Section is a one man band. A brand formed by a lad in his bedroom and this business continues to be run from home. I say "we" as The North Section wouldn't exist without the contributors to the blog, the designers and illustrated, our social followers and our customers. It's pretty cool knowing there are people across Europe who have brought products that I created in designed in my bedroom at my parents house. 

The North Section

Please check our other website purpose built for football discussion. 

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T-shirts were the products that got us started off! When I started to learn about graphic design the industry appealed to me and before I knew it, I was a member of various t-shirt forums and learning about the different printing techniques.

The thrill for me, was seeing my creations printed onto garments which were subsequently shipped across the world to our customers. That is a feeling and achievement I am immensely proud of. 

We still do t-shirts, but now I am taking a bit of a back seat in terms of creation. Recently, I have commissioned the talented Kieran Carroll artist to carry out my design ideas which he has done very successfully on two projects so far. 

However, if you are on this store you will notice that t-shirts have become one of our lesser populated collections, as artistic prints and gifts have become popular on the site. 

Football Prints

Being a student and then going into full time work meant my time to design t-shirts was limited, but this presented an opportunity to build relationships with others and get the store populated. 

I had been a huge fan of D Griffin Art who I believe has great ability to capture the feeling of famous footballing moments that we as fans enjoyed watching on the TV or in the stands and terraces. 

Terrace Clothing

In our early days we were inspired by all aspects of terrace culture including the fashion. Gradually we realised our audience responded most to products created for their specific club and we started to tailor our product range to suit this. 

Since then, we have had a great response. Particularly from supporters of local clubs Dundee and Dundee United as well as Aberdeen, Rangers and Spurs who have fastest growing collections on here.