About The North Section

Mens Clothes Shop Based In Broughty Ferry, Dundee

North Section was founded in 2013 in Dundee, Scotland. Since its foundation, the brand has shipped t-shirts to all over Europe and some even further afield than that with products being sold to customers in Australia and America in the past. North Section is a one-man operation. Here is a wee word from the founder:

“Hello. My name is Fraser Cairns and I am the founder of North Section. Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about us on the website.

I started North Section to grow my hobby of graphic designing and make it more productive. I set up a website with a few designs and have grown it from there. My favourite thing about building the brand has been growing the social media pages and talking to folk from all over the world. Of course, it is even better when I get a great review from a customer on social media and know that a design has been well received and the customer is happy with the product. It still gives me a buzz that there are people kicking about in other countries wearing North Section.

Designs are mostly inspired by my likes and interests. The brand is heavily centred on football but designs do frequently appear from other popular cultures music and film. Therefore, it is a very personal brand. It’s not a huge brand. It never took off at a rapid pace and I wouldn’t say I have a natural entrepreneurial gift. What I had is a hobby and a determination to learn something new.

We’ve been trading since May 2014, and since then we have changed many things and are now happy with our current system where t-shirts are made to order to get designs out quicker. I don’t like to hide behind company accounts or anything like that so please feel free to follow me on Twitter and get in touch with me on that account if you want to. Thank you for reading!”