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The Dundee Derby

Blog Review of Bob Shankly & Jim McLean Articles

Fraser is met by Ross Kilvington to discuss 2 articles which were released on The North Section, which covered Dundee's 1962-63 European Cup run and also the managerial career of Jim McLean. It was a terrific possibility for the guys to review the write-ups in even more detail and the Dundee Derby a lot more generally.


Dundee's European Cup Run 1962 / 1963

Ross detailed this European campaign by Dundee on The North Section media website. The article puts into great context; the landscape of Scottish Football at the time, those who came before them, how they qualified and ultimately how the campaign came to an end. 

Managerial Career of Jim McLean 

The first article Ross had submitted to the website covered the managerial career of Jim McLean.  In this feature, Jim's introduction to Dundee United and subsequent successes and disappointments are review. Similar to Shankly at Dundee, Jim also managed to lead a Dundee team to league success and European Cup semi-final although Jim did it on the other side of the road. 

Fans View

Ross Tough, Dundee fan,  sent us in a soundbite which tells us what the Dundee Derby means to him: 

 "It's never a dull moment supporting Dundee. Essentially a yo-yo club, that bounces back time and time again. And as for the Dundee Derby itself, well, it's the most under rated and unique derby in world football. 

Two sets of fans who sit in the pub and drink together, have a laugh with each other, before the game. Despise each other for 90 minutes as the game goes on. 

The game itself, always goals and never a 0-0 draw. After the game, both sets go back to the pub and it's like it was before. No hostility what so ever. That's what makes it so special.

Both sets of fans are proud to be part of the Dundee Derby." 

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