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That's So Sunday League

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A Collection of Quips & Memoirs

by TREKuartista95 

Boggy playing fields. Wonky touchlines. Penalty spots like potholes. Dog muck on the halfway line. Changing rooms riddled with damp. The smell of Deep Heat lingering in the air. Lucozade water bottles with half chewed caps. Showers that spit out cold water. Flat balls. No pump. Hangovers. Fines. Boots with missing studs. Kit that’s not been washed. Excessive ankle tape. The halftime cig. The centre half who’d two foot their Nan for the last custard cream. The hot head. The young pacy winger. The target man. Big Dave. Referees who can’t keep up. Dodgy linos. Missed one-on-ones. Route one. Foul throws. The magic sponge. It’s Sunday League Football. And it's mint.